Tuesday, June 5, 2007

*New* Jinc Piao

The milk whitens the shower juice moistly

Just got this body wash from the $2 shop and this actually what is written on the back:

*New* Jinc Piao
The Milk Whitens The Shower Juice Moistly

Suck abundant milk [?] nutrition quintessence , whiten active factor, plant spices and natural plant clean composition, Fresh and comfortable and clean, protect moistly wetly, make the skin smooth and soft and white after bath;The lasting and fragrant dreamlike sea horse fragrant, make clear air of your god comfortable [wtf]. Use often, can make skin to be healthy but rich elasticity, coloured and dazzling.
Operation Method:

With the right amount shower juice, pour on the palm or the bath silk floss, Wipe and on whole body massage gently, make it produce abundant foam , wash with branch water getting net.

[The only thing that is english is the proper spelling.]

Fine chemical engineering in the benefit treasure dragon of Guangzhou City limited company

The big fine in the white cloud area south of Guanzhou City turns the factory

Address: The white cloud area of Guagzhou City is all the street of he the village of gang seven star gang industry area [Nice direction]
Made in China

This bottle is going up on a pedestal....

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